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Small Business Mentoring Program

Should I continue working on my business part time or just go in full time? How do I build a plan for success for my business and where do I even start?? What about marketing on Instagram and the algorithm??

Is that you asking these questions? If that's you, you're here for the right reasons!


Let me help you get started with building your small business and learn strategies and tips to grow your business through social media! Whether you already have an existing business that you are trying to grow or thinking of starting one, you shouldn't have to do it alone. With these one on one sessions, you can ask me anything from building your brand identity to selling on Instagram and how to work with the algorithm and I will share with you some of the strategies and tips that has worked for small businesses on Instagram. 

Over the past 3 years, I've grown my following from friends and family to 23k fans and loyal returning customers. Instagram has allowed me to build my business, work with different brands, attract media coverage and create a sustainable income for me. 

So let me help you work with it and beyond to build your business and attract the right audience with the right strategies and watch it thrive! You can check out some of the free resources & tips that I've put together for you to get a better idea of what our sessions will be like.

Mentoring Program  (a total of 6 sessions, 45 mins each): 

1) Starting your business on Instagram

- We'll cover the why & how to define your business

-IG profile overview, learn how to optimize

2) How to grow your presence on Instagram

-I'll provide you 5 strategies to do this

3) How to grow your community

- 3 steps to take to grow your community and build loyal returning customers

4) How to grow your brand

- 4 crucial strategies to build a strong brand 

5&6)  How to run a creative business

- 4 practices you need to become a successful business owner

You can sign up for the first 2 sessions at RM245 and decide if you would like to complete the

rest of mentoring program after at an additional RM460 (or RM120 per session if booked individually)

Let's chat!

And remember, you don't have to wait until the perfect time to get started. The time is now!

Business Resources

How to start a creative business??

Doesn't matter what creative business you are thinking of starting, you are far from feeling ready and you never really will. Being a business owner is not easy and it's a constant learning journey. There's just so much of information that you can get out there but which do you follow?? How do you apply all the concepts and strategies to make it relevant for your business or the business you want to build? Let me help you get started with the right mindset and uncover 2 of my best tips to get you going!

How to be effective?

I've always been asked, how do I do so much and stay effective or focused?? I answered them in a short video sharing all about my routine and how I stay focused!

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