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Ceramic Palettes with Handmade Watercolours

Ceramic Palettes with Handmade Watercolours


Custom handmade ceramic palettes by 22tutucraft (a Malaysian pottery studio) filled with 6 of our complementary handmade watercolours making them a perfect artisanal collection. Each palette will be unique and one of a kind.

These are great gifts for artists and hobbyists. If handled with care, these ceramic palettes can last a lifetime.

Please note that for complementary handmade watercolours pours, colours will be at random. What’s shown in the photo are just samples. We do not accept custom colour palettes for the time being. However if you wish to request for empty ceramic palettes, the price remains the same. You can place your order and add a note at check out.

Options :

Round or square wells

Rough Dimension:

5cm x 7cm x 1cm

*Pre-order for this palette will require 5-6 weeks before they can arrive to your door step. Please order at least 8 weeks in advance if you wish to have it as a gift for Christmas ✨

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