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Hey, I'm Joee!


The artist and paint maker behind this studio. 

Living in the heart of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, I love what I do and enjoy the creative process as it is exciting and it gives endless possibilities!

I was once afraid to dream but I've taken the step of faith to pursue what seemed impossible 6 years ago, and that is how byjoeecheong (my brand) and this studio was created. Colours have deeply enriched my life and if I could, I would communicate in colours! I really love sharing them through the watercolours I make. 

Here's a little extra about me.


When I'm not teaching or making paints, I love to explore the world with my husband and son, Josh  & Jasper, and cuddle up with my two furkids, Pablo & Poppy.


That's all for now and thank you for dropping in. Get on instagram with me for more art and behind the scenes.   

With love,


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