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JCCS 15 Colours Dot Card

JCCS 15 Colours Dot Card


Each card comes with 15 extra large dots that are carefully handcrafted and poured with new improved recipes making each colours vibrant with their shimmers or natural earth pigments. Our are synthetic micas sourced sustainably and no child labour involved in making these pigments.

They are the perfect small gift for a friend or for you to try colours and it’s the most affordable way of collecting our colours. These are artist grade, lightfast watercolours and have a natural beautiful granulation that can be layered from thick to thin. Each sample is hand poured in our studio using fine quality mica pigments or earth pigments and a natural watercolour binding medium made from the sap of acacia trees. Please note that colours are individually handpoured and set on 100% cotton papers/Handmade papers and will shape and size slightly different from others. We suggest that you add water in a small gentle amount as you pick the colours up with a small to midsize brush to not drown these paints on the papers.

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