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Mermaid Inspired Colours Dot Card (XXL SIZE)

Mermaid Inspired Colours Dot Card (XXL SIZE)


Unleash your inner mermaid with our enchanting watercolour dot card, boasting 8 XXXL size, large volume dots of shimmering, mermaid-inspired hues. Handcrafted with care using sustainably sourced micas and a premium binder, each dot embodies the iridescent beauty of the ocean's depths, ready to adorn your creations with a touch of underwater magic. Dive into a world where every brushstroke glistens with the ethereal essence of the sea, as you channel the mystique of mermaids into your artistic masterpieces.


Directions to use:

Simply add a few drops of water to the dots to activate the paints with your brush! Each colour is packed with pigments that will enable multiple paintings.

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