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Ocean Secrets

Ocean Secrets


Dive into the depths of creativity with our newest palette, "Ocean Secrets," a captivating collection of 6 half pans (with a complementary tin box) bursting with the untold hues of the sea. Each pigment whispers secrets of distant shores and hidden treasures, inviting artists to explore the mysteries of the ocean's depths with every stroke. Immerse yourself in a world of cerulean waves, emerald depths, and shimmering aquamarine, as you bring your imagination to life upon the canvas of your dreams.

These colours are made with earth, mineral and mica pigments that are sourced sustainably. Each colour is handcrafted with care to ensure you get the best. Earth and mineral pigments are non shimmering and they are have a rich natural colour. While mica are naturally shimmery and may portray a different colour under the sun. Coupled with a binder recipe that’s been perfected over years, our handmade watercolours ensure a pleasant painting experience.

About our pan sizes

Quarter Pan : 1ml

Half pan :2.2ml

Round metal pan : 2.8ml

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